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Monday, July 15, 2019
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Fifth Monday Feeding

On the fifth Mondays during the year, our team of volunteers lead by our very own Chef Rose, cook and serve lunch to those in need at the First United Methodist Church in Roseville.  Our clients are sometimes homeless, but also include many who just can't stretch their budgets, especially at the end of the month. We usually serve anywhere from 85 to 150 people each time. We try to always include soup, a main dish, breads, salad, coffee, milk and dessert. Much of the food is provided by St. Vincent de Paul's Food Locker, gathered by donations around the community from food stores as well as individuals.  We supplement with bought foodstuffs as needed.
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Our crew assembles at 9am and is generally finished before 3pm.  The more people that we have helping, the fewer hours we need to work. You can come later or leave earlier, depending on your needs. 
Please contact Rose or the church office if you want to volunteer for this fantastic mission!


On July 29, 2015, Gail and her crew of volunteers fed 95 people in need!
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