Lincoln United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 25, 2019
A church family who loves you

Our Pastor

Rev. Rob Pesola comes from the state of Minnesota and has been at Lincoln United Methodist Church since Aug. 15th, 2016. He has served in pastoral ministry a total of 18 years. Pastor Rob was called to pastoral ministry in Sept. 1985 at the Missionary Conference of the church he was attending. It was clear and concise and he has never doubted his call. Preaching God's Word, discipiling others in their faith and providing pastoral care to those who are hurting, suffering or need spiritual guidance is the joy of his heart. His desire is that God's people live a grace-filled life.
He also believes the church is called by God to affect the culture we live in with the message of the Gospel and the living out of their faith in Christ. The church as the Body of Christ is called to be His Body in our world. Pastor Rob also believes the church needs to be flexible in methods of ministry, as long as the message we believe in is not compromised. And, at times, it needs to step out of the box to find other ways to reach people for Christ.
Pastor Rob has nine children and ten grandchildren. His outside interests include the martial arts, ham radio, playing piano and singing.  He is currently part of the Lincoln Community Theater Choristers singing group.
Pastor Rob is available to help anyone with a spiritual need.  He invites all to attend Lincoln UMC and see first-hand how God is alive and moving in His people.